Gathering Backstage Passes

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Gathering Backstage Passes

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Gathering Rules

1. Please clean up after yourselves daily in the campsite and stage areas.

2. No pets allowed by stage or vendor area. Please keep your pets at your camp.

3. One vehicle per campsite

4. No loud recorded music is permissible. 

5. No dirt bikes on premises please.

6. No golf carts allowed up and down the hill or on the road behind the stage.

7. Pedestrians always have the right of way.

8. Reckless driving on ATVs or Carts is subject to removal from event. 

9. No parking of carts or ATVs within 150 feet of stage.

10. Obnoxious people will be promptly removed from the event. 

11. TAFG 20 and Hog Mountain staff are here to provide a pleasant atmosphere for you. Please respond in kind with respect. 

12. Have fun!